Grouse Updates & Happy 2018

Maybe you’ve noticed we’ve been in the dark for a few months with our news blog. This is not because the company went on a hiatus and all our staff spent the time drinking gluten-free beer in the Southern Alps. It has actually been quite the opposite! Grouse started from very humble beginnings back in [read more…]

Starling in Flight!

Starling, our favorite and most ambitious project as of late, is in flight! Starling consists of an upgraded malt handling and packing facility, bulk storage, improved malt conveying, a custom steep tank and the first of many GKVs drums. This equipment will keep us turning out our classic malts as well as new products in [read more…]

Mission Partridge: A Look Inside Our Growing Malt House

When Grouse started malting and roasting gluten-free grains on a commercial scale, we did so by repurposing a dairy milk tank into a uni-system micro-malting vessel. We also modified a coffee roaster to roast grain. The equipment build-out process took time, patience, quite a bit of fabrication, and technical assistance & moral support from members [read more…]