Starling in Flight!

Starling, our favorite and most ambitious project as of late, is in flight! Starling consists of an upgraded malt handling and packing facility, bulk storage, improved malt conveying, a custom steep tank and the first of many GKVs drums. This equipment will keep us turning out our classic malts as well as new products in … Read more

People Make Places

People make places. We all know that. We all know an experience, anywhere, does not rely solely on one aspect. It is not just a place or a product or an event, but it is the full involvement of every characteristic coming together for one particular purpose. And each of those characteristics are driven by … Read more

The Maltstress Turns 30!

Today we?re celebrating the 30th birthday of Grouse?s Maltstress and Founder, Twila Henley Soles, with a deliciously refreshing? gluten-free beer made by our customers with grains malted and roasted right here in Wellington, Colorado. To Twila, malting is the noble art of growing seed into malt for the purpose of creating a beverage of character. … Read more

North American Craft Masters Guild: Growing a Revolution

  The North American Craft Malting Guild?was founded?last year in 2013. It?s mission: To promote and educate the general public about the?tradition of craft malting in North America, to provide educational opportunities to its?members and the general public, and uphold the highest quality and safety standards for?Craft Malt. Malting is not a new revolution by … Read more