Welcome Aboard Goose, Our Newest Upgrade!

In the planning phase of the Grouse start-up, we were faced with a conundrum. Tackle just one thing- malting, which seemed like a big enough feat at the time – or tackle both malting and roasting so that our customers could have a variety of malt and roast options available to make the gauntlet of … Read more

Quality Assurance at Grouse

Our malt is an essential ingredient for our customers, and we take that fact very seriously. At Grouse, it is our brand promise to produce gluten-free malt, on time, with a consistency you can count on. We understand the significant impact if we don’t come through on any one of these promises. Grouse has a … Read more

Bountiful Millet Harvest 2014

There is nothing quite like harvest on a farm. Seeing a farmer’s joy in reaping the growth of sown seeds and benefiting from literally a year’s worth of work- priceless. This week we were lucky enough to go visit Bryce Hediger in his mobile office. He was hard at work aboard his combine harvesting this … Read more