Quality Assurance at Grouse

Our malt is an essential ingredient for our customers, and we take that fact very seriously. At Grouse, it is our brand promise to produce gluten-free malt, on time, with a consistency you can count on. We understand the significant impact if we don’t come through on any one of these promises.   Grouse has a detailed QA process in place to assure our customers their grain is [read more…]

Millet: From Birdseed to Breweries

Millet is the Whole Grains Council “Grain of the Month” for November! In celebration, we’re passing along some fun facts about millet! The varieties of Millet abound! There are records of millet being grown in Asia as far back as 2000 to 1000 B.C. Millet is truly an ancient grain. Pearl millet is a staple [read more…]