Malt Sensory: The Hot Steep Method

Quality is at the core of Grouse Malt House’s mission, and we believe that every step in the malting process contributes to delivering an exceptional product to our customers. In 2016, we adopted the Hot Steep Method, a revolutionary sensory technique authorized by the ASBC (American Society of Brewing Chemists), to ensure that our malts … Read more

The Road to the CBC

With the Craft Brewers Conference just around the corner*, and hosted a mere hour away from our location, we are happy to officially announce that we will be hosting a booth at the conference. This is Grouse’s first time having a booth (4264) at the Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo America and we look forward to engaging … Read more

Quality Assurance at Grouse

Our malt is an essential ingredient for our customers, and we take that fact very seriously. At Grouse, it is our brand promise to produce gluten-free malt, on time, with a consistency you can count on. We understand the significant impact if we don’t come through on any one of these promises. Grouse has a … Read more