Introducing Pale Rice Malt

Hope you all had an excellent July 4th. As we gear up for a scorching summer, we are thrilled to unveil some exciting news and a fresh recipe from Grouse Malt House.  

Today, Grouse embarks on a new chapter with the introduction of Pale Rice Malt, marking our first product line expansion in just over three years. This significant milestone is the culmination of extensive planning and hard work, and we are elated to present a top-tier, gluten-free ingredient to diversify our portfolio. 

Below is the description of our Pale Rice Malt, along with key specifications:  


RC1001 – Pale Rice Malt 

Profile: Grainy, bready, low grass and floral notes 

Color: 1.0 – 2.0 °SRM  

Extract: 70%  


Grouse is proud to offer RC1001 – Pale Rice Malt, albeit in limited quantities. Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch gluten-free malt means we will be releasing other rice malt products, and we look forward to announcing those in the future.  


To get your wheels turning on how to use this new product, we offer you the Rice Cold Lager recipe:  


Rice Cold Lager

Target ABV: 4.8% Target OG: 1.045 Target FG: 1.008

Percentage Malt Aroma Profile Extract  FAN 
48 % Pale Millet Malt Sweet, grainy, honey 70-75% 160 
19 % Pale Rice Malt Grainy, bready, light grassy and floral notes 70% 95 
18 % Cara Millet Malt Sweet caramel, increased residual sugars 70-75% 150 
8 % Munich Millet Malt Sweet bready nose, biscuit, light toast, light toffee 70-75% 190 
8 % Pale Buckwheat Malt Creamy, soft, nutty, improves body and foam 70-75% 145 



Foundation water: CaCL and Gypsum


Adjust mash pH to 4.8-5.2


Enzyme Recommendation: APC Mix (Protease and Alpha-Amylase) Dose at 1000-2000ml/ metric ton


Mashing Profile: Rising Three Step Mash

First Hold: 125F for twenty minutes

Rise: To 145F

Second Hold: 145F for 30 minutes

Rise: To 175F

Third Hold: 175F for 30 minutes


Target total of .5 lbs/bbl

  • 60 minutes – 27% Cascade
  • 45 minutes – 55% 1134 (Or noble hop replacement)
  • Dry Hop – 18% 1134 (Or noble hop replacement) at 1.024

Yeast Nutrient Recommendation: Yeastex 61 (Dose at 4-10g/Hl) Can be added during the boil or at 1/3 attenuation to improve fermentation time and health. Not required.