Mission Partridge: A Look Inside Our Growing Malt House

When Grouse started malting and roasting gluten-free grains on a commercial scale, we did so by repurposing a dairy milk tank into a uni-system micro-malting vessel. We also modified a coffee roaster to roast grain. The equipment build-out process took time, patience, quite a bit of fabrication, and technical assistance & moral support from members of the North American Craft Malting Guild, namely Valley Malt and Rebel Malting. Without the team, this process would have been way more cumbersome: our hats are off everyone who helped get this malting ball rolling.

We quickly outgrew our first location in Nunn, Colorado, and moved our malting and roasting equipment 15 miles west to a much larger space, with quite the grain history in Wellington, Colorado, in the Fall of 2014. We are excited to say we?ve outgrown our first uni-malt system. For the past 10 days our malt house has been filled with a buzz of power tools and hammers for a mission we?ve affectionately termed ?Partridge.? This mission – or phase – includes revving up our malting system into a continuous production run outfitted with a steep tank, floor germination room, and a dedicated kiln, as well as improving the entire system?s automation. Let us say that one again? AUTOMATION! Yes, we are just a wee bit excited about that element!

We still find great joy in repurposing equipment and we will be steeping in Golden City Brewing?s 30BBL fermenter. This steep tank is going vertical again today! We are eager to get back to malting, and commence a new era that these invaluable improvements now allow us to usher in, including a higher level of malting accuracy and consistency, and a 300% increase in our malting capacity!

So if you are ready for great tasting gluten-free beer, Grouse Malting and Roasting Company is ready to serve you. Who is ready for more gluten-free malt?

Zum Wohl!