Busy Bees at Grouse

  The Grouse Malt House is much more than a place of production and today we are expressing our gratitude to all that we have and all of the communities we are apart of. Grouse is located on a beautiful piece of land with stunning views of Long’s Peak. We have an impressively large yard … Read more

Awaiting Buckwheat Harvest

While harvest is in full swing in the Rocky Mountain Plains region for grasses such as wheat and barley, Grouse is anxiously awaiting the soon to commence buckwheat harvest! Check out our farmer’s organic buckwheat fields in full bloom! We can almost taste the amazing Buck Wild Amber Ale made with love & buckwheat by … Read more

Bountiful Buckwheat

There are many reasons we?re a fan of buckwheat. No, we?re not referring to one of the famous little rascals, but rather the plant that produces naturally gluten-free triangular shaped grain-like seeds. Unlike the name implies, it is not a relative to wheat. In fact, it is more closely related to spinach than to wheat. … Read more

Grouse is Now Organic Certified!

That?s right, we are excited to announce Grouse Malting and Roasting is now offering certified gluten-free and organic ingredients! Offering organic products has been important to us long before founding. We believe all people should have access to high quality food & beverages regardless of an intolerance or allergy, and this certainly includes offering organic … Read more

Maize: Kernels of Knowledge

Would we be alive today if our country?s ancestors did not have roots in it? The native population gifted the cultural practice of growing maize to us long ago. It could even be argued this Nation was built upon a single grain, Maize.?Maize. A gluten-free grain.?You might know this grain as corn. But, outside of … Read more