Gluten-Free Recipes and Yeasts, Oh My!

  Looking for inspiration for your next gluten-free brew? Check out the recipes below that utilize Grouse malt and versatile gluten-free liquid yeast options the Gluten-Free Home Brewing currently has to offer. These yeasts come from Propagate Labs in Golden, CO. This month we’re focused on bringing attention to popular beer styles that not only utilize … Read more

Showcase – Porter Recipe

Often, we hear from brewers who are very interested in using our ingredients but are wary of how to use an ingredient that is largely foreign to them. At Grouse, we have developed recipes that can be used as a starting point for new and existing customers. Today we want to showcase a Porter recipe, a … Read more

Welcome Aboard Goose, Our Newest Upgrade!

In the planning phase of the Grouse start-up, we were faced with a conundrum. Tackle just one thing- malting, which seemed like a big enough feat at the time – or tackle both malting and roasting so that our customers could have a variety of malt and roast options available to make the gauntlet of … Read more

Best Gluten-Free

Last season the Grouse Malt House partnered with to share some coveted details about brewing with naturally gluten-free malt. was designed to raise awareness for beers made without gluten. It’s a hub for detailed tasting reviews as well as educational posts focused on the differences between gluten-reduced and true gluten-free products. This site … Read more