Grouse Updates & Happy 2018

Maybe you’ve noticed we’ve been in the dark for a few months with our news blog. This is not because the company went on a hiatus and all our staff spent the time drinking gluten-free beer in the Southern Alps. It has actually been quite the opposite!

Grouse started from very humble beginnings back in 2013, and ending the year in 2017, you could have thought we were a completely different company. While a lot has changed, our company’s WHY has not: We believe all people deserve access to high-quality food and beverages; regardless of an allergy or intolerance. And we’ve been hard at work to innovate and be your choice supplier for gluten-free malt.

Retired Logo

So what has changed? We expanded our production line, experimented with malting new grains, re-branded, and added some friendly new faces to our staff, to name a few!

Grouse’s growth is due largely to our customers and their clientele. The demand for gluten-free products, gluten-free beer, and gluten-free malt, has been consistently growing. Therefore, we’ve been implementing new techniques and growing our knowledge basis on the subject matter.

In addition to expanding equipment, Grouse has implemented a new technology this year called DraughtLab. DraughtLab is a sensory software used for quality and consistency measures for Craft Brewers and Maltsters alike. The results thus far have been very positive and have been growing our malt lexicon.

In the next month, one of our own maltsters will be attending an Advance Class in Craft Malt Production and Grouse will be represented at the Craft Maltster’s Conference in Asheville.

It has been a truly amazing past few years growing alongside the gluten-free market. We are very excited for another great year in 2018 and looking forward to what our passionate customers have in store for us this year. Don’t be a stranger! (and neither will we!)


Grouse Malt House