Caramel Millet Malts

Grouse Malt House began making Crystal Millet Malt early on in our existence. This started as an artisanal, small-batch process that required quite the premium given the labor involved in its creation.   Over the years, Grouse’s production capacity expanded, as did our knowledge and understanding of specialty malt creation. In mid-2019, we transitioned away … Read more

The Vienna Roasts are Here!

  Grouse Malt House is here to make sure you can make amazing gluten-free beer. So, as part of our ongoing commitment to expand our profile of delicious roasted malts, we began experimenting with and introducing to you our beautiful roasted Vienna Millet Malts. They are made in the same color ranges as our traditional … Read more

The Road to the CBC

With the Craft Brewers Conference just around the corner*, and hosted a mere hour away from our location, we are happy to officially announce that we will be hosting a booth at the conference. This is Grouse’s first time having a booth (4264) at the Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo America and we look forward to engaging … Read more

Welcome Aboard Goose, Our Newest Upgrade!

In the planning phase of the Grouse start-up, we were faced with a conundrum. Tackle just one thing- malting, which seemed like a big enough feat at the time – or tackle both malting and roasting so that our customers could have a variety of malt and roast options available to make the gauntlet of … Read more