Starling in Flight!

Starling, our favorite and most ambitious project as of late, is in flight! Starling consists of an upgraded malt handling and packing facility, bulk storage, improved malt conveying, a custom steep tank and the first of many GKVs drums. This equipment will keep us turning out our classic malts as well as new products in … Read more

Let the malting begin!

Featured Lets Begin Image

Since the last blog post, we’ve been busy moving into our new location and setting up shop!!! Our designated gluten-free malting and roasting facility is almost complete and we are at the cusp of producing and selling malt. In fact, our pilot batch is germinating happily along in the malt house! Other exciting news, Grouse is one of the five finalists in the University of Northern Colorado’s 2013 Entrepreneur Challenge! The final event is this Thursday at UNC’s Colorado?s University Center in Greeley, CO. We will be presenting at 1:05 p.m. for the grand prize of $25,000 to help fund our goal of creating high-quality gluten-free malt. We hope you can make it, but if not, you can watch the event live via streaming video on this webpage:

See you there!