Change on the Banjo Brown Ale Horizon

We?re a bit overdue on giving you all an update on the Banjo Brown Ale made a few months ago. We realized this today when a gent by the name of Marc Martin stopped by the malt house to inquire about our products and their feasibility in a commercial brewery.

Marc is a commercial brewery consultant for Northwest Brewery Advisors. He makes a living assisting with craft brewery start-ups, improving brewing processes, and assisting in recipe development. Marc is also a writer for Brew Your Own Magazine.

Touring our malt house often includes sampling brews made with Grouse malt, so we poured him a few cold ones. When trying the Banjo Brown he exclaimed with delight ? If I walked into a brew pub and ordered this, I?d have no idea it was gluten-free. This. Is. Delicious!?

This pilot version of the Banjo Brown is full bodied and filled with robust dark malty flavors. Notes of chocolate and coffee with a lingering smoked cocoa character finish off this gluten free beer.

There might just be something to this brewing with malted non-traditional grains. Although, we never doubted it, it sure doesn?t hurt to have more and more craft-brewing professionals be believers in this adventure too.

We chatted about the procedure (a step mash) and we agreed to try a single infusion to compare efficiency. For this new brew, we?ll also back off of the dark roasted milled a bit as it was a bit too dark for a brown ale. We?ll keep you posed on the outcome and post the recipes on here as well as the Gluten-Free Homebrewer Recipe Forum.

Zum Wohl!