Busy Bees at Grouse


The Grouse Malt House is much more than a place of production and today we are expressing our gratitude to all that we have and all of the communities we are apart of.

Grouse is located on a beautiful piece of land with stunning views of Long’s Peak. We have an impressively large yard ripe for hula-hooping and gardening and strumming a guitar, and to top it off we are a gathering place for creation.

In addition to the several dogs you’ll find running around the yard, we recently adopted two kittens lovingly named Millet and Buckwheat, as well as some feisty egg-laying chickens and a colony of honeybees. Perhaps a few ducklings and a pair of goats will be next?

Designs for a stage, to feature local musicians and artists, are also being discussed. We’ve been referring to this space as the Tune Yard and we’ll keep you posted as these plans progress.

We are incredibly grateful to share our space with these creatures and it’s simply marvelous to experience living in harmony making artisan malt on the side. It’s the brilliant Rocky Mountain skyline that makes this experience one touch better while enjoying peace and sipping on a refreshing gluten-free beer.