Welcome Aboard Goose, Our Newest Upgrade!

In the planning phase of the Grouse start-up, we were faced with a conundrum. Tackle just one thing- malting, which seemed like a big enough feat at the time – or tackle both malting and roasting so that our customers could have a variety of malt and roast options available to make the gauntlet of beer styles. Which route did we choose? Well, to tackle both of course! 

So, back in 2013, our founders purchased a well-used coffee roaster. Will & Twila spent weeks cleaning it and retrofitted it to handle smaller seeds. They experimented on this roaster and created a range of products varying in color from 15-350 SRM with a variety of different flavor options from slightly nutty and biscuity to caramel, chocolate, and coffee.  

Check out our current lineup below!

From left to right: MI1100, MI1155, MI1032, BK0100, BK1100, MI1200, MI1022, MI6090, MI1250, MI6120, MI6240, MI1300

This workhorse of a roaster was in operation for over 8 years and was the last of our original equipment to be upgraded. Earlier this summer, we onboarded our new roaster, Goose, and we’ve been hard at work not only making our regular line-up of roasts, but also experimenting again—and making tasty new creations. One of these new creations included roasting our Vienna malt as various colors from medium to dark, which we’ll be getting into our customers hands in August!  

This new roaster has allowed us to double our roast production. Not only is it bigger, but Goose is better too with a more efficient heating system, faster cooling time, and improved sampling capabilities. While increasing efficiency has been an important value for Grouse as we’ve grown our capacity, it is certainly not the only goal. Increasing quality and maintaining consistency across all our malts and roasts remains paramount, as we know our customers rely on a consistent and high-quality product- every time. This roaster is just one example of this year’s capital investments, underscoring our commitment to providing our customers with gluten-free malt ingredients in a dedicated gluten-free facility.  

Welcome to the Grouse team Goose!