Bountiful Millet Harvest 2014

There is nothing quite like harvest on a farm. Seeing a farmer’s joy in reaping the growth of sown seeds and benefiting from literally a year’s worth of work- priceless. This week we were lucky enough to go visit Bryce Hediger in his mobile office. He was hard at work aboard his combine harvesting this year?s organic millet crop.

Harvesting grain is always a give and take. Because there?s no controlling mother nature, farming can get a little hairy and nail biting to say the least. We?ll give you an example of one that happened recently, just last year here in Colorado. Those who live in Northern Colorado certainly remember the flood of Sept. 13th, 2013. It was devastating to many foothill and plains communities. It also took a toll on crops still standing in the field. Millet crop that had been swathed already or was still standing in the fields was exposed to all this moisture, which created problems including sprouting in the field, bleaching of seed color, lower than usual test weights, and more. This equals problems for our farmers and problems for germination vigor in the malt house. Luckily, we had enough farmers in 2013 get millet out of the fields prior to that event, so we were able to provide you with our high-quality millet malt this past year.

This year?s harvest was bountiful to say the least. Just one pass down the field and back picked up over 200 bushels of awesome looking millet. The combine can either straight cut or pick up swathed grain. Bryce choose to swath the grain, which is a technique employed to allow the seed to dry out on the stalk, as evenly as possible while minimizing loss, before it is collected and the seed separated. With relatively perfect conditions the Hediger Family Farm completed their 2014 millet harvest as of yesterday!

Who?s ready to try out some organic malted millet?