CBC Craft Malting Workshop: An Inside Perspective

Today we had the privilege of being a part of the Craft Brewer?s Conference?s North American Craft Malting Guild’s Craft Malting Workshop! This workshop presented several single malt beers made with pale malt from North American Craft Malting Companies. In the above picture from the workshop you can see (from left to right): Colorado Malting Company, Grouse Malting and Roasting, Maltarie Frontenac, Riverbend Malting Company, and?Valley Malt .

The purpose of this workshop was to showcase the flavor profiles of craft pale malts in a low IBU beer. The Grouse beer was made with 100% Pale Millet Malt on New Belgium?s 10 HL pilot system with a modified mash regimen and no filtering aids. It has 4.4% abv with great head retention, was crisp and flavorful, full bodied, slight fruit notes, and smooth finish. This beer was well received and certainly got some brewers talking about the possibilities and opportunities of using Grouse malt to produce a truly gluten-free beer! If you want to get a ?taste? of this experience, give Grouse?s Pale Millet Malt?a try for yourself!

What’s malt got to do with it?

Zum Wohl!