People Make Places

People make places.

We all know that. We all know an experience, anywhere, does not rely solely on one aspect. It is not just a place or a product or an event, but it is the full involvement of every characteristic coming together for one particular purpose. And each of those characteristics are driven by the people behind the place.

Hand-crafted beer deserves hand-crafted malt so today we’re saying thank you to all those people who devote their time, energy, ideas and dynamic personalities to the Grouse Malt House.

Twila with millet sprinkle

Twila- CEO

Founder and owner of Grouse Artisan Malt, Twila is Queen of the Malt. Her devotion and excitement is infectious, and with her masters degree in food science and food safety she not only appreciates the chemistry within the art but she welcomes it. A mother, a musician, and our favorite maltstress– nothing beats the passion and innovation this gal radiates.

Steve- Equipment Whisperer

Chemist, equipment specialist, and machine guru. Steve ensures that the Grouse Malt House equipment runs smoothly and that we’re secure in every facet. He’s a master in all things machinery and optimization and we’re lucky to have this resident wise one on the team.

Jess- Quality Manager

Our very own Southern Belle, Jess has a background in ecosystem sciences and a thirst for knowledge. She’s a true supporter of the farm-to-fork and grain-to-glass lifestyle and when she’s not malting and roasting at Grouse you’ll find her with a beer and her two dogs in the veggie garden out back in the Tune Yard.

Alex- PR & Logistics Coordinator

With a focus on community outreach, Alex handles our internal projects and strategic growth. She has a degree in marketing but it’s her history of working with artisans and craft-centric businesses that built her reputation.

Brandon- Production Assistant

Fermentation Science student at CSU and hiker extraordinaire, Brandon embodies the Colorado spirit. He’s intuitive, organized, diligent, creative, and adventurous; plus, he recently completed the Colorado Trail solo!


Kaden- Production Assistant

Always smiling, Kaden will patiently explain any project with gusto. He is as charming as he is energetic, and with a background in business management Kaden has brought an optimistic and steadfast style to the Grouse Malt House.


Thank you Grouse Maltsters, we appreciate you and all you do!