Caramel Millet Malts

Grouse Malt House began making Crystal Millet Malt early on in our existence. This started as an artisanal, small-batch process that required quite the premium given the labor involved in its creation.  

Over the years, Grouse’s production capacity expanded, as did our knowledge and understanding of specialty malt creation. In mid-2019, we transitioned away from producing Crystal Millet Malt to Caramel Millet Malt due to efficiencies gained in processing, which has allowed us to lower the cost per pound. Our Caramel Millet Malt is now produced in our 3-ton germination kiln vessel (GKV drums), with the quality and consistency our customers depend on. Caramel malts are unique in that during processing the grain is held wet and warm at temperatures that cause the contents of the endosperm to mash and liquefy. The result after cooling is a solid-sugary mass. This process is what gives caramel its signature characteristics. Historically, brewers use these malts because sugars in the malt caramelize during kilning and roasting and become unfermentable which is why caramel malt adds sweetness and body to the finished beer. Caramel malts also traditionally improve head retention of a finished beer. Given the nature of using exogenous enzymes in gluten-free brewing, results such as residual sweetness from caramel malts may be impacted. However, the flavor attributes caramel malts provide in gluten-free brewing are valuable.  

Here is an overview of the Caramel Millet Malts we offer, as well as the flavors and colors they contribute!  


Caramel Millet Malt (MI1060): Imparts a light amber color with notes of sweet biscuit and caramel. Color: 4-6 SRM  


In addition to Caramel Millet Malt proper, we offer this in 3 roast levels.  


Caramel 90L Roasted Millet Malt (MI6090): Imparts a dark red color with notes of honey, brown sugar, and stone fruit. Color: 115-130 SRM  

Caramel 120L Roasted Millet Malt (MI6120): Imparts a ruby brown color with notes of toffee, light chocolate, and maple. Color: 150-180 SRM  

Caramel 240L Roasted Millet Malt (MI6240): Imparts a dark brown/black color with notes of sweet chocolate, dark toffee, and molasses. Color: 310-340 SRM 

We’d like to leave you with an example of how Grouse’s Caramel Millet Malts can be used in your brew house, with an Abbey-style recipe.  


58% Pale Millet Malt 

20% Pale Buckwheat Malt 

10% Caramel Millet Malt 

4% Caramel 90L Roasted Malt 

3% Caramel 120L Roasted Malt 

5% Candi Syrup, D-45 

Hops: Continental Hops 

Yeast: Lallemand Abbaye Belgian
The target SRM would be about 17 for these percentages. For target gravities, IBUs, and ABV see BJCP beer style guidelines for 26B – Belgian Dubbel.