Grouse Updates & Happy 2018

Maybe you?ve noticed we?ve been in the dark for a few months with our news blog. This is not because the company went on a hiatus and all our staff spent the time drinking gluten-free beer in the Southern Alps. It has actually been quite the opposite! Grouse started from very humble beginnings back in … Read more

The Cascadia Grain Conference

The Cascadia Grain Conference brings together farmers, processors and end-users, as well as investors, brokers and local government officials to support the grain economy west of the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. This year?s Cascadia Grain Conference was held in Olympia Washington and featured presenters focused on grain value added processes includin\g malting, milling, … Read more

Bountiful Millet Harvest 2014

There is nothing quite like harvest on a farm. Seeing a farmer’s joy in reaping the growth of sown seeds and benefiting from literally a year’s worth of work- priceless. This week we were lucky enough to go visit Bryce Hediger in his mobile office. He was hard at work aboard his combine harvesting this … Read more