A Whole New Level Of Gluten-Free Beer

What a world we live in where we can have all kinds of different beer styles thanks to gluten-free malts, but it wasn’t always that way. The age-old tradition that is brewing traditionally uses barley for a whole host of reasons. While many consider it an unfortunate fact, barley contains gluten, making gluten-free beer production is a bit of a head scratcher. Some brewers have tried using sorghum syrup. Others rice syrup. Others a combination of the two plus chestnuts, flaked corn, pre-gelatinized rice, molasses, and a whole host of other ingredients to try and achieve the same flavor, color, and texture traditional beers bring to the table.

Grouse has been working to provide our customers with a portfolio of gluten-free malts and roasts to accomplish just that. We have been able to help adjust traditional methods of brewing beer, with the gluten-free malt. With the splendid variety of products we have here, we are able to create the tastes of regular beers, but gluten free!

If you haven?t yet, check out our product line up??and if there?s something you?d like us to start malting, roasting, or carrying request a new product.

Brew on & Zum Wohl!