Kilning Experimentation

MI1040 (left) and our experimental batch
MI1040 (left) and our experimental batch (right)

Since installing our first germination kiln vessel (GKV) in 2017, we’ve been wanting to experiment and push the limits of our kilning capabilities. At the moment, our darkest kilned brand is our Red Wing malt, with a color of 30 – 40 SRM. We knew we could get a darker product, and in May we made time to do this experimentation and make a dark high-dried malt in the kiln, no roasting.

Utilizing higher kiln temperatures kilning, we achieved a malt with a 90 SRM. This malt offers phenomenal aromas of plum, toffee, caramelized sugar, and chocolate. Since this is a high-dried malt and not roasted, it does not carry any of the bitterness that can be associated with roasted products of similar color.

This product is currently getting in the hands of our valued customers, and upon their feedback, we intend to make this product the newest brand in our lineup!