Grouse’s Debut in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

The latest edition of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine focused on?the topic “Great Taste Without Gluten” and featured Grouse Malting & Roasting Co. and our products!

The article describes our certified gluten-free facility, outlines using gluten-free malts, and calls the future for alternative grains in brewing bright.

When describing the brews crafted with millet & buckwheat malt, the author states “unlike some underwhelming syrup-based beers, these fresh examples could proudly stand their own next to traditionally brewed styles.”

One caveat in the article to point out- triticale is unfortunately included?in a?line-up of gluten-free grains, but?because it is a hybrid between wheat and rye, it most certainly contains gluten.

Pick up a copy of April-May 2015 edition?to read the full article!