Craft Maltsters Guild & Gluten-Free Beer at the CBC

Last week, over 11,000 craft brewers, beer advocates, equipment suppliers, and craft maltsters traveled to Portland, OR to attend the Craft Brewers Conference.

The week was jammed packed with events, including the ones Grouse Malting attended: a tour of Rouge’s Farm, a trip to Corvallis to check out grain test plots, the BA’s Trade Show, events sponsored by our Seattle based customer Ghostfish Brewing Company, and last but not least, the North American Craft Maltsters?Guild’s 2nd annual meeting.

In 2014, ?the Craft Maltsters?Guild had 17 regular members and 25 associate members. Just one year later, there are now 25 regular members- craft malting companies in operation- and over 105 associate members! The growth of this Guild indicates the importance, need, and desire for craft malt in the US. Grouse Malting is thrilled to be apart of such a spearheading (and growing!) group.

Ghostfish’s brews! Great tasting gluten-free beer in a can? It’s a?dream come true!

Onsite Rouge. What a difference a few months make to these?hop fields!