Gluten-Free Recipes and Yeasts, Oh My!


Looking for inspiration for your next gluten-free brew? Check out the recipes below that utilize Grouse malt and versatile gluten-free liquid yeast options the Gluten-Free Home Brewing currently has to offer. These yeasts come from Propagate Labs in Golden, CO. This month we’re focused on bringing attention to popular beer styles that not only utilize unique gluten-free yeast options, but also a few of Grouse malt styles that deserve a little more recognition!  



Baltic Porter-Lager Yeast (MIP-620) 

70% Munich Millet 

15% Pale Buckwheat 

8% Griffin Millet 

5% Roasted Goldfinch 

2% Dark Roasted Vienna 

Continental Hops 


Hazy- Hazy Yeast (MIP-110) 

40% Munich Millet 

40% Pale Millet 

15% Malted Oats* 

5% Light or Dutch Roast 

American or New World hops 


American Dark Wheat-Wheat Yeast (MIP-150) 

30% Pale Buckwheat 

25% Munich Millet 

25% Vienna Millet 

10% Red Wing Millet 

7% Griffin Millet 

3% Chocolate Roasted Vienna 

Neutral American hops 



Belgian Dark Strong-Belgian Yeast (MIP-220) 

45% Pale Millet 

20% Vienna Millet 

15% Pale Buckwheat 

10% Griffin Millet 

5% Dutch or Medium Millet 

5% Roasted Cara Millet 

Continental hops 


*We highly recommend being transparent about the use of oats in gluten-free beers as the storage protein in oats called Avenin is similar to gluten and can cause a reaction for some individuals with gluten-sensitivity. At Grouse Malt House, when handling oats in the malting processes or packaging, we take great care to ensure there is no cross contamination between this seed and the product that is handled next. This includes thorough cleaning and purging of all equipment and tools. If oats are not on the menu for you then using other high protein ingredients such as buckwheat or quinoa as well as underutilizing or adjusting clarity agents will help create your next Hazy beer.