A Case for Gluten Sensitivity

A recent study concerning the issue of nonceliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) published in the US National Library of Medicine and PubMed has caught our eye, and we?re excited to share it with you!

This study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 59 adults without celiac disease or wheat allergy who self-diagnosed gluten as the cause of their intestinal and extra-intestinal symptoms. Results indicate eating gluten does indeed produce symptoms including abdominal bloating and intestinal pain; mental fogginess and depression; and even canker sores. The full write-up can be found here.

This study yields scientific evidence for those of us who have gone through the Celiac and wheat allergy testing with negative results, but discovered from systematically eliminating items from our diet that it makes us feel healthier to exclude gluten. Symptoms range from those listed in the study above, to chronic fatigue and headaches, constipation or diarrhea, bone or joint pain, and ADHD-like behavior. Here?s to feeling great and free of these ailments all from eating a gluten-free diet!

Zum Wohl!