Year of Exploration

This year we’re recommitting ourselves to the realm of experimentation!

We’ve always loved a good R&D project and, thanks to additional equipment and increased production, we are excited to work on more exploratory endeavors this season.

Though it could be said that our main products, millet and buckwheat malt, are already on the adventurous side, it is exactly that love of ancient and untamed grains that is motivating us to expand our product portfolio.

Starting with more maize malt, both of the yellow and blue maize varietals, and moving to darker kilned products, roasted oats, and roasted quinoa, and beyond, we are enthusiastic about bringing more delicious and naturally gluten-free products to market.

And a huge shout-out of respect to the Craft Maltster’s Guild here; the fine folks leading and members of this group are such wonderful examples of the passion for exploration, experimentation and product development. We’re happy to be a part of this team and look forward to all the new styles and intricacies to be shared this year!

It is from experimentation exploration of what’s possible and how to curate it that excitement and passion is preserved.

Cheers and happy New Year!