May Growth at Grouse Malt House

April showers bring May flowers?and a brand new GKV drum for Grouse Malt House to meet the demand of our growing and expanding customer base. The drum performs the germination and kilning process and doubles our production capacity in vital operations. Keeping in step with the needs of our customers is a fundamental part of our growth strategy.

As the largest dedicated gluten-free malting company in the country, we are committed to producing safe, great-tasting malt and roast for clients all over America and across the globe.

Grouse has humble roots. We started in a 350 square foot space and just a handful of customers. It has been a joyful challenge to grow this business organically, and grow the team that makes it happen.

We get the question a lot, ?don?t you think this is just a fad?? While we see how someone could say that from the outside looking in, with firsthand experience of how the gluten-free lifestyle can improve health and vitality, it?s crystal clear that this gluten-free food and beverage segment is one that?s valuable, necessary and growing.

With the gluten-free lifestyle becoming more prevalent both in and out of the beer industry, Grouse serves clients who are passionate about using naturally gluten-free malt and roast for beer and other food products. Our commitment to the gluten-free industry is a focus of our manufacturing process, evidenced by our gluten-free certification through GFCO.

Though Grouse provides gluten-free malt wholesale to commercial brewers and food companies, our products can also be found in smaller quantities here. We are setting our sights on continuing to sell the highest quality product and increasing production, all while maintaining our promise to provide high-quality gluten-free products that everyone can enjoy.