Gluten-Free. Oh the Possibilities

Dire reports from major news and business media recently trying to grab an audience and stir up the crowd and are questioning if the ?gluten-free craze? is on the down-swing.

Building on our June post ? A Tale of the Gluten-Free Backlash? We have done a little market research to put some numbers where our mouth is. We are pleased to assure you that we are pretty darn confident that the gluten-free movement appears nowhere near ?done.? And we?re betting if you?re reading this blog, it?s likely you agree.

We believe demand may slow it?s double-digit annual increases at some point in the future, but the gluten-free market growth is unlikely to decline anytime soon, and not until there?s a much larger, stable, mainstream market for a substantial array of gluten-free food and beverage items. The issue is certainly not ever ?going away,? and neither is the increasing craft beer market. Gluten-free ? beer or other products ? easily settles right on into whatever overlaying trends may exist. Perhaps you would be thrilled to share a bit more of that ever-growing $5 billion pie of annual sales of GF food and beverages? Offering a gluten-free option might not be such a bad idea.

More good news for the craft brewing industry interested in experimenting with, or jumping fully ?in? to, gluten free beer brewing, is that of those 44 million Americans that identify with being gluten-free, most fall into that coveted range of the population, aged 25-44, and men moreso than women. Overall certified whole grain, gluten-free products grew between 19-24% last year (depending on your source); and craft beer sales were up 17.2% in 2013, according to The Brewers Association. All those numbers are swayed heavily in favor of that brewer, distributor, or beer bar that has an interest in ensuring EVERYONE age able can enjoy one delicious pint of beer!

If you are interested in more information about the gluten-free market and it?s trends through 2012, a easy-to read and digest PDF of a presentation by Bobbi Leahy, of SPINS, can be found at And The Gluten Free Agency has more exciting numbers and statistics supporting this trend at – reporting an expected 31% jump in gluten-free sales from 2011-14. These sites are chocked full of juicy marketing tidbits and statistics to warm your gluten-free heart and support that leap to a gluten-free beer in every taproom!

Do you know of a brewery who’s ready?to brew a GF beer?

Zum Wohl!