Celebrating Gluten-Free from Field to Glass

This week we’ve been reminded how important it is to celebrate and bask in the joy of this gluten-free craft malt journey. It starts at the beginning? with the?grain itself.

This year has been filled with much precipitation?in Northern Colorado, and while some fields in this area certainly suffered from significant hail damage, the crops that survived are bountiful. We visited our friends and farmers this week and learned that they’d had their best harvest in over 20 years, hands down. Now that’s something to cheer for!

Connecting our local agricultural land and the people who nurture and work it, with local craft malt production is our goal, and now that ?Mission Partridge? (our recent 6-fold capacity increase!) is complete and the Grouse Malt House is rocking and rolling at a much faster pace, we’ll be doing a whole lot more of this. Better still, Grouse will soon be selling Certified?Organic malts. Stay tuned!

On that note, we also have awesome beer on tap to?sample from our local, passionate, gluten-free homebrewers, new beer recipes a-brewin?, and your favorite gluten-free grains are happily sprouting away.

What are you joyful for? We ?Cheers!? to that.

Zum Zohl!