High Hops Gluten-free Gose

High Hops Brewery?released a Gose on Nov. 5th brewed with Grouse malts!

Their Gose, dubbed The Pink One, is bright, fresh, sweet and full-bodied. It was enhanced with an addition of raspberry and lemon verbena during secondary fermentation, making the fruity side of the palate an excellent complement to the tart lactic notes and light saltiness in the finish.

Head brewer Zach Wheatland employed a kettle sour to impart the lactic sour notes.

Originally developed in the city of Goslar, in former East Germany, the Gose style of beer is know for the saltiness that was imparted from the natural salt content of the river Gose.

Traditionally brewed with a combination of lactic acid bacteria and top-fermenting yeast, the resulting beer displayed a complex balance of sourness, saltiness, and spiciness from coriander and hops. Today, brewers adjust their water to increase the salinity to mimic that of the river Gose.

Customarily, raspberry syrup is served along side of the beer, a detail that makes Zach?s rendition all the more tremendous.

Stop by High Hops Brewery while this Gose is on tap now!

High Hops Brewery, 6461 CO-392. Windsor, CO 80550