Holidaily Brewing Company: Wonderful Gluten-Free Beer

?Amazing, magnificent, oh-so-tasty??? though those are truly quoted descriptions of the newly released Holidaily brews, that narrative only skims the surface of these gluten-free beauties.

Holiday Brewing Company of Golden, Colorado has officially opened their doors to the public. As of February 1st, 2016 our wonderful state of Colorado now has a designated gluten-free brewery in its repertoire.

Holidaily is the one and only designated gluten-free brewery in Colorado!

This brewery has embodies everything we love about ancient grains in our modern world. Not only does every beer honor the full flavors and personality of the gluten-less grains like Millet and Buckwheat, but the passionate team behind the brew is full of knowledge and kindness.

From scrumptious handcrafted beers to the gorgeously hand built bar to a crew of knowledgeable and helpful team members we couldn?t be more thrilled to have Holidaily as our partners in crime!? ?Holidaily is not only about selling great products but actually improving the lives of people who have likely been sick with a wide range of symptoms. We are on a mission to give people a good, gluten-free beer drinking experience.

“It?s really about so much more than beer.?? –Karen W. Hertzy