Beer is Agriculture

Beer is Agriculture: No Seeds No Beer.

Last month I attended a grain conference in Colorado Springs. It was appropriately titled Grain School 2016 and it was a fun gathering place for all those people into all things grain.

We were immersed in industry jargon and methodology and it was great. But the one topic that really rang loud and clear was this:

No seeds, no beer.

We as a beer loving community need to give credence to this as it simply couldn?t be more accurate.

Beer is an agricultural product, and if we care about the hand crafted, ancient grain movement we can start with the farm?and supporting the betterment of our agriculture industry through sustainable methods is a great place to start.

Next time your drinking a cold one, think about it. Think about the process and the people and the work behind every step. Where did this beer come from? What is it made from? Where were those seeds grown? What kind of practices were those seeds grown with?

And all the while remember this: Beer is agriculture, no seeds no beer.

So thank you farmers! We are so appreciative of our farmers!