New Agriculture Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas

Being in the malting industry it?s important to stay up to date in the ever-progressing world of agriculture. Being an artisan malt house we feel it?s also important to support the betterment of our environment. NSF, the National Science Foundation, in collaboration with our neighbors at Colorado State University, released fascinating information involving new agriculture … Read more

Grouse’s Debut in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

The latest edition of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine focused on?the topic “Great Taste Without Gluten” and featured Grouse Malting & Roasting Co. and our products! The article describes our certified gluten-free facility, outlines using gluten-free malts, and calls the future for alternative grains in brewing bright. When describing the brews crafted with millet & … Read more

The Cascadia Grain Conference

The Cascadia Grain Conference brings together farmers, processors and end-users, as well as investors, brokers and local government officials to support the grain economy west of the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. This year?s Cascadia Grain Conference was held in Olympia Washington and featured presenters focused on grain value added processes includin\g malting, milling, … Read more

Introducing the Gluten-Free Home Brewing Online Store

We?re happy to announce the launching of the first home brew supply store dedicated to meeting your gluten-free brewing needs! The line-up of offerings is long and of course includes all of Grouse?s malted and roasted products as well as a host of others including Eckert Malting & Brewing?s malted rice products, dark Belgian candi … Read more