Beer Weeks: Our New National Pastime?

We the People?love beer! And have been celebrating this passion with beer weeks that are springing up across the country. We at Grouse Co love and support the growing interest and community building.

The purpose of beer weeks can be best described by the Declaration of Beer Independence created by the American Craft Beer Week in 2009. Here are some excerpts:

  • I declare the beer I choose to enjoy is not a commodity, but more importantly an artistic creation of living liquid history made from passionate innovators.
  • The beer I drink furthers our culture and teaches us geography and helps to nurture a sense of community, and helps to make the world a better place

Beer weeks across the country are an opportunity to meet with local brewers, taste craft beer, and build community. Many beer weeks offer events where breweries and restaurants team up to promote local business, unique flavors, and great atmospheres. No matter where you?re traveling to this summer, you?ll likely be close to an event filled with cold, refreshing micro-brews and you can find a national beer week schedule here ?as well as schedule for national beer festivals/events here.

Locally to Grouse, Fort Collins Colorado Beer Week is taking place next week (May 11-18) and will be featuring some great beers crafted in our community paired with local businesses, restaurants, and musicians. Check out their schedule of events and support the Northern Colorado Community here.

Another important part of the Declaration of Beer Independence is, ?I declare to practice the concept of ?Informed Consumption,? seeking and deserving to know if my beer comes from a small and independent brewer or if it is owned by a large brewing company. I want to know why so many of my local beer brands are not available in many of my favorite restaurants, bars and beer stores, and I encourage beer sellers to offer a wide selection of beer styles and beer brands that includes beer from my local and regional breweries?? We at Grouse Co would like to encourage those who are gluten-free to practice ?informed consumption? at these events and to also advocate for local brewers across the country to start crafting gluten-free beer!

What gluten-free beer options are available at your local beer week?

Zum Wohl!