Progress! Malt House Equipment Updates

Progress! Malt House Equipment Updates

The new Grouse Malt House renovations, lovingly dubbed The Robin Phase, are in full production mode here at the Malt House.

The designs were drawn, the schedules were made, the equipment was installed and we can happily and officially announce that The Robin Renovation Phase is complete!

With this, not only has our efficiency improved, but also we’ve increased production by 75%. This expansion was constructed from a place of creativity and science, specially designed for the Grouse Artisan Malt House.

We’d like to thank our talented team members who dreamed up, designed, planned, and implemented all of these equipment details. We are exceptionally thankful for Wayne, our engineer and friend who is just frankly- GRAND!

Grouse is humbled to work with such brilliant and kind people and now, new and improved equipment!