Malt: Gluten-Free Living Outside of the Glass

Malt, a key ingredient?in beer, is also a key ingredient for many, many other products.

Malted milk shakes? MALT!

Kava Stress Relief Tea? Barley Malt

That beloved candy born in 1949 and still among?every kids’ Halloween booty, Whoppers malted milk balls? You guessed it. Malt.

Toaster Strudels, Frozen Puff Pastries… Yep, they’re made with malt, too. So, let’s just start with a big shout-out for malt and all the flavor it imparts on some of these things we love!

We are pleased to announce one of our customers, Middlebury Chocolates,?recently created a new chocolate bar – The GF Malted Milk Bar,?containing?lightly toasted almonds, sea salt, and Grouse malt! What could be better than chocolate, the naturally sweet flavor of malt, nuts, and salt? The results are absolutely wonderful. ?

This week with the help of Elizabeth, owner & pasty chief of?I d’Eclair Pastry in Fort Collins, we tried our hand at making puff pastries with millet malt. As you might imagine, they were delicious! We used this base recipe, substituting millet malt for the millet flour. A life without puff pastries? Never again!

What new food and beverage recipes are you ready to try with some gluten-free malt? We’d love to hear the results and invite you to share any of your recipes that are a raging success!

Zum Wohl!