Today we celebrate our improved website!

In addition to a clean new look, our updated portfolio is displayed on a redesigned Product page and we’ve expanded our resources and recommendations offerings under the FAQ tab. And that is just the start.

As we blogged last month, people make places, and on our new site, we are honoring all of the people who play an integral role in the Grouse Malt House.

In fact, it is our philosophy to promise uncompromising integrity through a network of tenacious individuals who share a vision of collaboration, transparency, and dedication.

So thank you to our team, we think you’re the coolest.

Thank you to the Craft Maltser’s Guild, whose mission is to foster the growth of the craft malt industry through education, advocacy, and honest relationships intended to produce local malt of the highest quality, we’re honored to be a part of the group.

Thank you to our Malting Angels: the Hediger Family, the Henley Family, the Soles Family and the Slingshot Team. We are so humbled by the graciously generous spirits you all embody.

And thank you to Devin Egger for creating this website. We’d recommend Dreamscape Development to anyone looking for a personalized website and an awesome experience while doing so. Devon is patient and kind and basically a coding genius and we couldn’t have asked for a better website making session.

So check out our new site, peruse the pages, and let us know what you think!