Grouse Artisan Malt is founded on the belief that all people deserve access to high—quality food and beverages regardless of an allergy or intolerance.

We promise uncompromising integrity through a network of tenacious individuals who share a vision of collaboration, transparency, and dedication to deliver artisan products that everyone is free to enjoy fully.

Today, we are humbled yet proud to share that we are the leading company to exclusively produce gluten—free specialty malts for the brewing industry.


Hi I’m Twila Henley and I founded Grouse Artisan Malt when my life was interrupted with crippling daily pain and diagnoses of an auto-immune disease called Ulcerative Colitis (UC). Similar to Crohn’s disease and Celiac disease, UC is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that triggers an immune response in the digestive system.

UC causes a multitude of not so discreet symptoms including nausea, weight loss, diarrhea, fatigue, and more. I was doomed to the confines of prescription medication—this being presented as the only solution.

Then life took an interesting twist. While searching for healthy alternatives and remedies I learned about the gluten—free lifestyle. It seemed alright at first, but it lacked one major component—a tasty gluten-free beer. As I sampled glass after glass I was sadly disgusted by its flavor.

I thought — 'Is it too much to ask for a delicious gluten—free beer?'

The idea was challenging, and it became my personal goal to create an awesome tasting beer that just so happens to also be gluten—free.


I reached out to local farmers growing gluten—free grains. I visited craft maltsters and brewers to learn the fine trade of malting and brewing. I experimented. A bunch.

And along the way I committed to the decision to become totally gluten—free, and it changed my life forever.

The results, as we’re sure you have heard from others, are staggering. To be free from the anti—inflammatory, immune suppressors, and other medications used to control UC is just the beginning.

My fortune at discovering a natural solution to this medical problem doesn’t escape me. It made me realize that I truly wanted to provide people viable options to live a life free from medications caused by food allergies and intolerances.

Providing gluten—free malts so brewers can make an awesome tasting gluten—free beer is just the beginning of this story.

Welcome the world of healthy indulgences. Welcome to the Grouse Malt House.