The Minds Behind the Malt


Maltstress & CEO

Our founder, Twila Soles has a knack and devotion for non-traditional craft malt. She earned her Master’s degree in Food Science and Food Safety from CSU and embraces both the chemistry and the art of sprouting seeds. A mother, musician, and mover & shaker— nothing beats the passion and innovation this gal radiates. Twila is also a founding member of the Craft Maltsters Guild and currently serves on the Board of Directors.


Malt House Manager

Steve Carr ensures that the Grouse Malt House equipment runs smoothly as our resident chemist, equipment specialist, and machine guru. He’s a master in all things machinery and optimization and we’re lucky to have this resident joker on the team.


Malt House Ambassador

A Michigander with a heart for everything craft! Melissa Poisson helps ensure all our customers receive the finest customer service and the best suited grains to fit their projects. A fellow Spartan Alumni with a degree in Marketing, she decided to follow her passion and is currently studying Fermentation Science at Colorado State.


Malt House Production Lead

A small-town charmer, Jesse Michael’s has a knack for equipment and process. If Jesse isn’t at the malt house as our go-to operator, he's working on one of his many trucks or tinkering elsewhere. Jesse is an exceptional worker with a keen eye and ample aptitude. He has a twin brother, but don’t be fooled because he is truly a one-of-a-kind guy.


Production Team Member

Zach Griffin is a Fort Collins, Colorado native and an avid homebrewer! He has a thirst for knowledge in this industry and is excited to give a helping hand at the Malt House. Zach is currently pursuing studying his passion in brewing at Colorado State studying Fermentation Science and Technology.


Equipment Engineer

Wayne Moore has been a part of the Grouse team for a few years now, working on the sidelines to improve our systems and process flow. He took a larger role through his company Malters Advantage, designing and helping install our newest malting system— a 3 ton steep tank & GKV.

Our Malt Angel

William Soles

Our founding Maltster, Will was a part of Grouse before it had a name and was only a “project” Twila was working on when they met in 2012. He provided support and guidance, offered encouragement, and a helping hand every step of the way and even now from the Other Side. William is forever remembered here at Grouse as a man who knew how to get the job done and how to have fun on the journey. We are grateful for your love and light.


We are proud members of the Craft Maltster's Guild

Our mission is to foster the growth of the craft malt industry through education, advocacy, and honest relationships intended to produce local malt of the highest quality.

Malting Angels

Slingshot Team