Apple of My Eye: About Hard Cider

Hard cider is becoming more popular with Cideries (Hard Cider Specific Breweries) popping up across the country! And here?s the good news, Hard Cider is Gluten-Free! Huzzah!

Hard cider is made specifically from apples and therefore does not contain any gluten from grains typically used to make alcoholic beverages. It takes about 36 apples to create a gallon of hard cider.? Most hard ciders typically have an alcohol content of 5% – 5.5% APV. Some may think that hard cider is a new ?fad? but actually it was one of the main choices of beverage for settlers of the Americas! ?Remember Jonny Appleseed? He was not spreading golden delicious seeds. Fruits of these trees were tart and used to make hard ciders. Hard cider helped protect pilgrims from bacteria found in water that could be fatal. They adhered to the old adage, ?Wine is Wisdom, Beer is Strength, and Water is Bacteria.?

Now days, water is certainly not bacteria, but hard ciders, wine, beer, sprits, are still consumed for enjoyment by many. There are a plethora of options for the gluten-free minded folk, including beers made by our products wine, meads, and more. If you?re looking to branch out- try cider.

Have you tried Hard Cider yet?

Zum Wohl!


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