Everything that we offer, 100% gluten-free.

millet malts

MI1001 - pale millet malt

Our standard pale.

1.5-2.5 SRM

MI1010 - munich millet malt

Sweet bready nose, biscuit, light toast & toffee.

1.5-2.5 SRM

MI1011 - vienna millet malt

Sweet, bready aroma & flavor.

2.5-3.5 SRM

MI1030 - cara millet malt

Sweet caramel flavor, increased residual sugars.

2.5-3.5 SRM

MI1020 - Goldfinch millet malt

Maple & bran flavor, toasted cereal, honey & caramel.

7.0 – 9.0 SRM

MI1040 - Red Wing millet malt

Caramel, toffee, raisin, plum, and sweet breakfast cereal finishing with a medium body and sweetness.

30-40 SRM

MI1060 - Caramel millet malt

Sweet biscuit and caramel flavor, increased residual sugars. 

4.5-6.5 SRM

Specialty millet malts

MI1100 - light roast

Soft toasted, slight biscuit flavor.

15-20 SRM

MI1150 - American roast

Cashew nut, toasted flavor.

20-25 SRM

MI1170 - French roast

Toasted walnut flavor.

25-35 SRM

MI1200 - Medium roast

Caramel, biscuit, slight American roast coffee flavor.

30-65 SRM

MI1250 - chocolate roast

Cocoa nibs, bitter cocoa flavor.

125-155 SRM

MI1300 - Dark roast

Intense bitter cocoa flavor.

300-350 SRM

MI1032 - Roasted Cara

Rich toffee flavor, lingering sweetness.

20-30 SRM

MI1022 - Roasted goldfinch

Roasted brown sugar & caramel.

85-105 SRM

MI6090 - Caramel 90L

Honey, caramel, brown sugar, stone fruit, and sweet bready with a medium body.

115-130 SRM

MI6120 - Caramel 120L

Toffee, caramel, plum, light chocolate, and maple sugar with a medium body.

155-180 SRM

MI6240 - Caramel 240L

Sweet chocolate, dark toffee, molasses, and low in coffee. Strong roast characteristics for it’s color, complex, and well-rounded with a medium body. 

300-330 SRM


bk1001 - conventional pale buckwheat malt

Creamy, soft, nutty.

2.0-3.0 SRM

bk1001-O - Organic pale buckwheat malt

Creamy, soft, nutty.

2.0-3.0 SRM

bk1100 - Conventional Roasted buckwheat malt

Hazelnut, smooth.

35-50 SRM

bk1100-O - Organic roasted buckwheat malt

Hazelnut, smooth.

35-50 SRM

bk0100 - Conventional roasted buckwheat seed

Baking chocolate, dry, robust.

bk0100-O - organic roasted buckwheat seed

Baking chocolate, dry, robust.

specialty products

or0001-O - organic rolled oats

Buttery, soft, cereal-like.

qn0020 - flaked quinoa

Earthy, green pepper.

cn1oo1-o - organic malted yellow corn

Creamy, sweet.

BC1oo1-o - organic malted Blue corn

Creamy, sweet.



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