Grouse Malt House

Gluten-Free Malt Crafted With Ancient Grains

Our philosophy

All people deserve access to high quality food and
beverage regardless of any allergy or intolerance. 



A naturally gluten-free ancient grain, our millet malts are our most popular products, with many different options to choose from.



Our smooth buckwheat malts can be a good alternative to millet when looking to add body and head retention to your beer.



We offer a color range of roasted products from 10-350 SRM and flavor from light toast to rich chocolate.

dedicated gluten-free

We promise uncompromising integrity through a network of tenacious individuals who share a vision of collaboration, transparency, and dedication to deliver artisan products that everyone is free to enjoy fully.

Today, we are humbled yet proud to share that we are the leading company to exclusively produce gluten free specialty malts for the brewing industry.


Gluten-Free Recipes and Yeasts, Oh My!

  Looking for inspiration for your next gluten-free brew? Check out the recipes below that utilize Grouse malt and versatile gluten-free liquid yeast options the Gluten-Free Home Brewing currently has to offer. These yeasts come from Propagate Labs in Golden, CO. This month we’re focused on bringing attention to popular beer styles that not only utilize

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Caramel Millet Malts

Grouse Malt House began making Crystal Millet Malt early on in our existence. This started as an artisanal, small-batch process that required quite the premium given the labor involved in its creation.   Over the years, Grouse’s production capacity expanded, as did our knowledge and understanding of specialty malt creation. In mid-2019, we transitioned away

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The Vienna Roasts are Here!

  Grouse Malt House is here to make sure you can make amazing gluten-free beer. So, as part of our ongoing commitment to expand our profile of delicious roasted malts, we began experimenting with and introducing to you our beautiful roasted Vienna Millet Malts. They are made in the same color ranges as our traditional

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